Are the services, that Publ.Science Company provides, official?

Yes, we work within the legal framework. All the customers sign agreements, which has all the conditions spelled in it. Also we provide acceptance certificate and invoice, if necessary.

How can I pay for services?

We accept payment from most payment systems and transfers from all over the world and in different currencies. This makes it possible to reduce the cost of customer fees. We can also work with a partial prepayment with legal entities and private individuals.

How does company regard confidentiality and copyright?

We are guided by the principles of copyright preservation in the provision of all the services. We also honor strict confidentiality. For example, if the article was sent for evaluation, but upon the customer's request, it was replaced by another or withdrawn, then only the department which conducted its assessment has access to the first article. And after a certain time it is removed from the internal accounting system.

How quickly do we respond to the submitted application?

The philosophy of our company – is an individual approach to each client. Therefore, we try to respond to each application during the same day it was filled. Sometimes, if the application came too late or on a weekend, the answer will be given on the first working day. Thus, the maximum time limit for responding to the application is 1 calendar day. Response in the chat during business hours is in the online mode.

It is possible to order a personal service, which is not found at the site?

Of course! We are happy to respond to any request and we will try to perform the service, which is not on the website. Our specialists are ready to solve any complex scientific tasks.

Why do we provide some services for free?

We make a list of journals for the client as all-inclusive, but we do not do it for money. We also evaluate the degree of uniqueness and revision of articles for free. We prefer to charge a fee only for those jobs that require our serious intellectual involvement - formatting, improvement, translation and publication.

Are there sciences that we do not work with?

80% of all publications are related to chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, economics, law, medicine, ecology, pedagogy and sciences derivative of them. But working with other types is not difficult for us at all.

Why we do not have the service such as "urgent publication"?

The minimum time for publication in the journal, which does not accept everything, consists of 3 months without a review. We have situations when the whole issue is formed from our clients’ works (or a large part of it) in some journals. And then we can add a number of new articles to it during 1-2 months. We just do not consider this a particular advantage, as any publication is urgent to us.