Translation of scientific articles

It is no secret that more than half of the rejections of international journals’ reviewers are due to the weak English translation level of the article. In this regard, the level of information transfer in the article is minimized, and sometimes rejection comes without even considering the article, all because of a poor translation!

Of course, the best option to start translation is to begin with reading English articles in journals in which you plan to be published. This will allow to learn the vocabulary and style of correct English texts. But what if the level of English is below the required to account for these subtle moments?

Our company has employment agreements with native speakers of several foreign languages, but the primary one is still English! An expert in your discipline performs a translation and native speaker does proofreading. Thus, we achieve maximum performance quality with the help of a two-stage translation. This allows us to perform translations of texts, articles, books, theses on a tight schedule and a lot cheaper than in European and American agencies!

You should not only use these services if the level of English is not enough for your own translation, but even if the English is at a good level! This is due to the fact that long sentences, excessive synonyms, metaphors and allegories are inherent to Russian language. So the exact translation of the work is unlikely to make it being accepted for publishing.

Every branch of science has its own specifics and terminology, for which reason a simple translator, not to mention the majority of people with a basic knowledge of the language, cannot always precisely convey the gist.

In this case, you can use proofreading service (reading of texts by a native speaker), which is an integral part of the scientific work’s preparation before submission!

The main thing is to remember that sometimes quality proofreading can even make a weak article better. Also, there are times when a strong article does not reach target audience because of the economy on translation!

Publ.Science Company will become your reliable partner and will take all the difficulties associated with the publication, formatting and translation of your article upon itself. The result of cooperation will be you receiving a paper or electronic issue of the magazine

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