Uniqueness analysis and editing

While writing his work and researching, any scientist always quotes other scientists, as well as makes references to his previous works, if any have been published.

When the work is sent to the publisher and English there is at excellent level – the next step is to check the text for plagiarism by analyzing its content with special programs.

And it so happens that the author worked for months on the article, it has a high-quality translation and magazines, one by one, still refuse to publish it. All this may be because of those programs. Although they are a product of intellectual development, they are still not error-prone. We do not believe this to be fair, so our company offers uniqueness analysis and correct formatting for free.

And if the article needs further revision, but you do not have time or you have been refused in publishing due to the weak uniqueness– we can revise the article. The price for these services, of course, is much lower than for starting scientific work from scratch. Even references and footnotes will undergo additional revision and review. This also applies if you need to prepare an article for publication in a particular journal, and you do not know how to do it correctly.

There are many examples on the Internet of how should the article look like to submit it to the journal. Also, we all know that the basic form is IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion). But there are countless nuances in each of the magazines, and by knowing these details you can be published in a good and desired journal instead of doing a publication just for show.

Experience in formatting gained by our specialists allows us to reach the most favorable editors’ reviews. According to the statistics, in the 1-st half of 2016 in 82.7% of the cases, articles are "accepted" or "accepted with revision" by magazines of 3-4 quartile and in more than 63% of the cases by magazines of 1 quartile. If you are unsure whether to order editing and formatting services or not, leave us an application and after conducting your work’s analysis we are going to tell you whether you need this.

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