HАC, RSCI publishing

Everyone knows that achievements of CIS scientists are not only measured by publications in international journals, but above all, in the magazines included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) or the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). Of course, depending on scientist’s title and objectives, you need much more of such publications, than in the international scientometrical databases (for example, Scopus or WoS publishing).

In the course of work, our company has accumulated a great number of partner journals, which are presented in the HAC list. This allows us to:

  •  Contribute to the creation of unique content both on the basis of your work, and in its absence.

  • Assist in publishing on all disciplines (economics, law, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc.)

  • Publish a large number of articles at a time. There are times when we make the whole issue of the journal for our customers’ articles (in addition, we have wholesale discounts for editing and formatting).

  • Save your time, because we know all the formatting rules and intricacies of review process of a large number of journals.

  •  Individually determine the most appropriate journal for you, based on research in your article.

  • Edit and assist in publishing in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and other languages.

Publ.Science Company will become your reliable partner and will take all the difficulties associated with the publication, formatting and translation of your article upon itself. The result of cooperation will be you receiving a paper or electronic issue of the magazine!

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