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Scopus publishing

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«Scopus» (owned by Elsevier Corporation) - is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. It includes more than 51,000 journals, more than 52 million of notes (25 million of them have the patent status). It indexes scientific journals, serial publications and conference proceedings.

We would like to note that about 60% of our clients prefer this database.

Scopus has earned the fame of the most popular database of international peer-reviewed journals in CIS. This became possible due to:

  • Softer review policy than in most scientometrical databases. Unlike other databases, included in the top three, reviewers read into the material in more detail and are often willing to give recommendations for improvement, and not merely deny publication.

  • Wide geographical coverage of publishers. You can select a journal, published in almost every developed country of the world, according to the broadest spectrum of sciences.

  • Detalization of information on scientists from Russia and CIS. Special emphasis was made on transparent and clear indicators of citation. This allows to line up a scientist rating without losing links to his publications.

Nevertheless, the process of article’s formatting, negotiations with the editorial staff and the publication itself requires a high level of professionalism and great experience. Even the stage of journal selection, which will publish your work, is a painstaking process in which we are good. By the way, we make a list of journals for free.

Although the basic requirement for all scientists on the world - is the very fact of the journal indexing in the Scopus databаse (this is enough for HAC to take your publication into consideration), but there also is an indicator that determines the level of the journal. For this, Scopus uses SJR indicator (an analogue of the impact-factor, which is used in the Thomson Reuters).

We work with SJR from 0.1-1.5 (publication for statistics when it makes no sense to overpay) and 1.5 and above, when the publication carries a rating character or when the researcher’s study is quite innovative for the specialty.

Thus, Scopus is the ideal choice for:

  • Those who publish their first 3-5 articles in international journals.

  • Implementation of number of publications at the conclusion of the employment contract, the submission of documents in relation to competitions, for receiving grants.

  • Scientists who lay claim to academic titles in all CIS countries and most of the world.

Publ.Science Company will become your reliable partner and will take all the difficulties associated with the publication, formatting and translation of your article upon itself. The result of cooperation will be you receiving a paper or electronic issue of the magazine!

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