Co-authorship in scientific activity allows scientists to distribute a load while doing research! Often, when planning the work, authors know in advance who will publish them. However, there are situations when a scientist performed work independently and chose high-level journal. But he cannot afford to pay for the publication costs. And what if this event would be his ticket to the scientific world, and all he has to do is split the cost with another author ?!

Or author writes the work that cannot be complete without a reasearch in a different country!

Publ.Science Company assists with finding co-authors for both scientists and those, who are willing to make efforts and use their knowledge in the study of another author. For the door swings both ways, when you have little time and the level of income does not allow to use the services of writing and publishing on turnkey basis. All you need to do is to address us and ask to find you a collaborator that has his own work!

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