Possible reasons for the delay of an article's publication


After the submission of documents for an article's publication to the journal, there can be delays which have a number of reasons. Knowledge about them helps overcome a long process of waiting. Let's consider the most common ones. 

International co-authorship


Every scientist wants his hard work, in the form of an article, dissertation or research to be seen and appreciated by the whole scientific world. But, unfortunately, there is not always enough time, experience or resources for writing a coveted work from scratch. Co-authorship will help you approach one step closer to a scientific article's publication.

Academic translation and proofreading Why is it important?


Have you ever thought about the importance of academic translation for scientific publications? To reveal the full depth of this matter, we offer to understand what it is: professional language proofreading and scientific, academic translation.

TOP 9 reasons why you can be refused in publication


Are you interested why you can be rejected in publication? Then this article is for you!

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