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How can a consulting company help a scientist?

 Today, due to innovations in the scientometric field, a scientist is in a difficult situation that requires consultations and proper support for the thorough analysis and understanding of all new requirements for research papers.

Scientific consulting as a tool for the development of scientometrics


Scientific consulting is a modern direction in the field of scientometrics and science, the aim of which is information support and support of scientists in scientific and publication issues. ​​​​​​​

How not to get into the black list of authors? PERK и COPE are publishing ethics control tools


Every journal indexed in Scopus and Web of Science has its own publication ethics which should be followed while working with a research article. Sometimes when there are serious and ambiguous moments, there is a need to solve them in the form of intervention of authoritative representatives of the scientific and publication space. In this article, we will talk about two information services that provide support to editors and scientists in such cases.

Audit of scientific research is saving the time of a scientist


A scientific journal which is part of the international database has its own requirements for the publications it accepts for consideration. A scientist should know about them if he is going to publish his research works. To take into account all these criteria, it is necessary to audit an article, namely, to conduct the analysis of the research which will clarify the situation about the content and formatting of a research work.

Possible reasons for the delay of an article's publication


After the submission of documents for an article's publication to the journal, there can be delays which have a number of reasons. Knowledge about them helps overcome a long process of waiting. Let's consider the most common ones. 

Support of scientific publication. Cycle from writing to publication


The publication of an article in international databases has become an important necessity in the research activity of every modern scientist. It increases an author's rating and opens up new opportunities in his work. Despite all the advantages, a process of publication is a rather complicated and long

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