Publications "Сo-authorship"

How can a consulting company help a scientist?

 Today, due to innovations in the scientometric field, a scientist is in a difficult situation that requires consultations and proper support for the thorough analysis and understanding of all new requirements for research papers.

How does publication planning affect scientist performance?

What is one of the key success factors of great scientists? They know how to value time, and they have a strategy for action in their life! Such people manage to be productive using a planning tool for personal effectiveness.



Scientific consulting as a tool for the development of scientometrics


Scientific consulting is a modern direction in the field of scientometrics and science, the aim of which is information support and support of scientists in scientific and publication issues. ​​​​​​​

5 Reasons why the publication in the co-authorship cannot be fast


The publication of research articles in the co-authorship implies a lot of benefits to every scientist and it means the joint work of several authors on a single scientific research. Such kind of cooperation helps actively publish and develop one's experimental activity. The maximum number of scientists in the co-authorship is up to 5 people.

How to become a peer reviewer of scientific research?


The scientists who actively work in their fields of science are often invited to evaluate research papers of the other researchers. The main task of a peer reviewer is to evaluate the pros and cons of a research paper in the qualified and objective way in order to help the other scientists correctly disclose the results of their research.

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