The first scientometrics journal in Ukraine

The first scientometrics journal in Ukraine

On October 1, the second issue of the first independent scientometrics journal in Ukraine, Science and Metrics, was released, which aims to increase awareness and information enrichment of the Ukrainian scientific community in the field of scientometrics.


This non-profit project was launched in 2019 under the auspices of the Ukrainian representative office "Scientific Publications - Publ.Science" company. The publication releases articles of journalists, interviews and opinions of experts who work in the scientometric field every day and form its content.


The second issue of the journal elaborates on modern trends in Ukrainian scientometrics, relevant issues that concern Ukrainian researchers, expert academic advice on publishing in Scopus, Web of Science, increasing the Hirsch index, scientific forecasts and educational trends. In the issue, the scientist will find many recommendations that relate to raising the level of citation of the scientist, publications in co-authorship, as well as 35 tips on how to write a scientific article for it to successfully pass the peer review.


The researcher may simply lack time to keep track of the entire information flow on scientometrics, as it is a time-consuming and exhausting process. That is why the editorial team of the journal decided to start releasing this publication. The “Science and Metrics” team believes that this will help scientists better navigate and understand the significance of the field of scientometrics, stay tuned and actively continue their research projects, focusing on their research activities and increasing Ukraine's position in world scientific ratings.   


Two issues of the publication can be found on their website: The journal will be useful for scientists, teachers, editors of scientific journals, postgraduates, students and other participants in the scientific and publishing process. Each scientist can subscribe to the publication absolutely free of charge by registering on the web site, as well as download it or read the content online.  


The editors of the journal Science and Metrics are open to cooperation and invite scientific organizations and higher education institutions to become their partners, as well as journalists, scientists, postgraduates, experts in the field of scientometrics, to be authors of the publication, to share their thoughts, experiences and best practices to develop this field in Ukraine together.


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