Publication of the special issue in the Scopus journals

Publication of the special issue in the Scopus journals

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Vigorous activity of research organizations, higher educational establishments and scientific enterprises leads to the creation of very large amount of scientific material which pretends to be an individual issue of the journal in which there will be published articles of different scientists united by one scientific discipline. The logical next step is to publish the issue in one of the Scopus scientometric databases. Based on this, there arises the main question - how to correctly format such a large number of articles for the future journal? 


Scientific Publications – Publ.Science Company can help organize the publication of articles in the journal which will be included in the lists of publications indexed by Scopus, the largest scientometric database. Permanent publications on this platform increase the level of citation and professional rating of the scientific organization, higher educational establishment or scientist that is very honorable and helps in research activity. Our team has been providing the services in the field of publication of scientific articles for a long time, and we are ready to guarantee the publication of the whole issue of scientific articles in Scopus to order.


But it is extremely difficult to publish the works in this database. It occurs to be faced with a very strict compliance with the rules in the preparation and formatting of the material. Due to incorrect translation into English or a very small percentage of the uniqueness of the text, the issue can be rejected immediately without further opportunity to submit it again for a peer review. To prevent this from happening, the editors of our company, each of whom specializes in his own scientific field, are ready to finalize the materials. After the above steps, you will get the guarantee of your journal's inclusion in the Scopus database.


One of the main advantages of Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company is that we provide complex services.  Order the service of publication of the journal's special issue in Scopus on a turnkey basis, and we will conduct a full audit of articles. If the articles require being finalized in formatting, our specialists will provide editing and formatting services. In our company there work narrow focus specialized translators as well as native speakers who will do an academic translation of the publication into all languages. Also, our editors check the texts for uniqueness / plagiarism with the help of special software. But this is only a small part of what we offer to our customers for their materials to successfully pass a strict peer review and avoid the publication's rejection.


Scientific Publications – Publ.Science Our Company provides  indexing services  and citation services. Your research will always be available and visible to other authors. This will increase the level of articles' citation that will positively affect the high rating of all authors.


We know how extremely difficult it is to organize the publication of works on your own, especially, in such a large number, so if you order such a service as publication of a special issue in Scopus to order right now, our editors will take over all the processes of articles' preparation for the publication in Scopus, the largest scientometric database. We guarantee a successful peer review as we supervise the project from the beginning to its publication in the international database. 


Having addressed us, you will be satisfied with the result. Our team is constantly working at providing the services in the field of scientific publications at the best level and meet the highest standards in the field of global scientometrics.  


Write to our specialist on the website, and he will tell you how to start our common activity.

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