Publication of conference abstracts

Publication of conference abstracts

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What are the conference abstracts and what do they give to a researcher?

Every scientist wants to show the results of his research to the whole scientific society. Therefore, specialists from all over the world often attend different conferences where they give lectures, reports and presentations. The preparation of abstracts is a very important stage in the scientific activity. 


The aim of the conferences is to inform colleagues about the stages of the work performed. The scientists prepare the main provisions of their research works in the form of abstracts, revealing the main essence and idea of the complete research. The size of the report is usually 2 or 3 pages. In this way, specialists acquaint themselves with the relevant research works of their colleagues and exchange experience.  By the results of speeches on the conference topic, there is formed a collection of abstracts which the organizers publish in one of the scientometric databases. 


It is very important to properly draw up the abstracts of the research work so that at the conference they should help maximize the full potential of the research and show the author's professional level. Then scientists will get interested in the research work and will use the material in their works referring to the author and increasing his scientific rating. And the Commission will be able to offer to publish the work in the collection of articles of the conference. That is why the appropriate level of drawing up and content of abstracts of the research work is the key to the successful involvement of the scientist in research and publication activities. 


The main requirements for drawing up the abstracts for publication in the collection:

  • rationale and relevance to the conference topic; 
  • authenticity of information;
  • original content with a high percentage of uniqueness;
  • strict compliance with international standards of registration;
  • non-compliance with at least one requirement can lead to the fact that the material will be rejected without further possibility of publishing. 


What is the best way to publish the conference abstracts?

Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company offers the services of issuing the abstracts in journals included in the largest scientometric databases. We are often addressed on this issue as science is constantly developing and there appear important and actual scientific discoveries that need to be published for global progress.


If you have already decided where you want to publish the conference abstracts, our company can offer to take over full preparation of the articles for their further publishing in journals indexed in Scopus,  WoS,  the HAC  or  the RSCI. These are the scientometric databases which are important for all scientists in the world and their professional activity. Getting into them on one's own is very difficult. The peer reviewers of these databases consider the submitted works very seriously. You will have to be faced with high standards and requirements for formatting and content of the work. Otherwise, it will be rejected without the possibility of resubmission. 


You can try to understand all the nuances of research works publishing on your own, but it will take a lot of time and financial investments. If you want to avoid a complicated procedure of abstracts submission, please contact ou We guarantee high-quality work performance in arranged time that will help you concentrate on scientific activities. 


The abstracts for publication are considered in all languages including Ukrainian, Russian, English, Kazakh and other ones. If you need an  academic translation of the publication, our editors will do it professionally. We check the text for uniqueness / plagiarism as well as,  necessary, we edit and format the publication. An article in Scopus and WoS requires the originality of work and does not allow any plagiarism.


You can contact our specialist for all questions. He will tell you how to order the service of conference abstracts publication for starting our common activity.

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