Journal's inclusion in the HAC list

Journal's inclusion in the HAC list

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Every year authoritative scientometric platforms consider applications for adding new journals to their lists. Lots of journals submit their appeals for publication to the largest databases, but only a small percentage of them passes a peer review process. In order to make the publication as useful as possible for researchers from all over the world, peer review is a basic and obligatory condition in the scientific periodical press. 


The Commission is very strict in considering a journal for addition to the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) because it wants to avoid submission of unfair information and scientific inaccuracies in the articles. The journal's inclusion in the HAC lists is considered to be honorable and the leading scientists of the country are involved in its consideration. Authoritative researchers and qualified peer reviewers are the guarantors of the high level of articles and professionalism of the journal.


There are many criteria and important requirements that should be met when submitting the whole journal for a peer review. The peer reviewers can analyze it for a very long time, and if to take into account the need to correct mistakes, in this case, the process can be prolonged for a year or even two. The Commission very seriously considers the uniqueness of the work when peer reviewing. Plagiarism in the materials is not allowed. These should be original and innovative works.     


If a journal does not meet the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, it is excluded from the list. No sooner than in three years, complying with the same general rules, a journal will be able to apply for a peer review again. Every authoritative periodical monitors and complies to all the conditions from the HAC list. 


The lists of the Higher Attestation Commission database include the journals that have from 4 to 5 thousand publications per year. And it is considered to be a low indicator of the scientific level in the international practice for journals in the category of social sciences and humanities. For the journals, which work in the humanitarian direction, the only way of getting into the HAC list is through publications in the journals included in Web of Science and Scopus. In this case, there will be more loyal requirements for them.


 Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company will create all conditions for your journal to become a part of the HAC list. Order from us the service of journal's inclusion in the HAC on the website right now, and in the shortest possible time we will be engaged in the journal's inclusion in the database of the Higher Attestation Commission. We audit the article, check the text for uniqueness / plagiarism, edit and format the publication, if necessary, and provide an academic translation into all languages. We perform all works related to the article's publication until their completion. Having ordered these services, our specialists will make a full analysis and give recommendations regarding what needs to be changed or revised in the journal's work. You will spend less time and effort for the guaranteed implementation of this complex task.   


If you are also interested in the journal's publication in the global databases, order the following service - journal's inclusion in Scopus and Web of Science- it will increase the number of indexed articles and open more opportunities for your journal. Our company has been working with the journals included in the lists of these platforms for a long time, so we have learned all the subtleties that arise when submitting applications and maintaining the journals after a successful peer review.


 Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company also provides complex services on  publication in Scopus, publication in WoS, publication in the HAC or publication in the RSCI that help individual works of scientists become a part of the lists of the journals included in the international scientometric databases.


 If you need one of the above services, please contact our specialist, and he will be glad to answer any questions and help start the cooperation with our company. We are pleased to see the journals from all over the CIS being included in the list of the largest scientometric databases with our help. It is very pleasant to realize that scientists have a unique opportunity to reach the international level and share their knowledge and works.

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