Formulas conversion to LaTeX

Formulas conversion to LaTeX

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Scientific research often includes graphs, tables and formulas, especially in technical disciplines. That is why a modern scientist is faced with the necessity of transforming his materials from Word format to other electronic form. Recently, all technical scientific articles need to be converted using LaTeX formula. This new rule is necessary for all data be displayed in the correct form. Work with this format will help meet all requirements for publications' formatting for the journals indexed in Scopus or Web of Science (the WoS). 


LaTeX formula helps authors transform and make up into pages their works in high quality. Its author is Leslie Lamport, an American researcher in the field of computer science. 


LaTeX programme is very extensive and multifunctional. It allows to determine the way of hyphenation and white spaces as well as it controls the amount of text in paragraphs. It automatically creates tables and lists of illustrations. It has mechanisms for working with cross-references, citation, formatting of diagrams, chemical formulas and schemes. And this is only a small part of LaTeX capabilities. An author will be able to see on the computer screen the way his work will look in the final form, after processing the file with the help of LaTeX. 


The articles in Scopus, WoS, HAC or RSCI are subject to detailed and serious consideration. Formulas conversion into LaTeX is essential for every scientist in the work's preparation for publication in technical disciplines. All journals that are included in the lists of scientometric databases require high-quality and professional formatting with the correct display of all additional forms. You can not do without this formula if your research is on technical discipline and you do not want the article to be rejected due to non-compliance with publication standards. 


Scientific Publications – ​​​​​​​Publ.Science Company helps convert technical articles using LaTeX formula as to do it on one's own will be difficult. It will take a long time to understand the principle of its work. LaTeX commands are written in English, so to work with it you will also need knowledge of this language. Our team consists of professional English translators who work with this formula and will be able to transform your material into the required format. Order the service of formulas conversion to LaTeX and our specialists will convert the text in the shortest possible time using this formula, thanks to what, complex structures are easily modified and your research will look professional and with the correct layouts.   


 In addition to the conversion, we provide a service of editing and formatting and service of academic translation into all languages. And also, if you need to verify the text for uniqueness / plagiarism, we are happy to do it, increasing the originality of the work, if necessary.


 Scientific Publications – Publ.Science Company has been cooperating for a long time with journals included in the international abstract databases, and with our help, each of our customers gets a publication in Scopus, publication in the WoS, publication in the HAC or publication in the RSCI, depending on the needs in the field of his scientific activity.


Order the service of formulas conversion to LaTeX, and our professional team of editors will help you transform your work into the required format. With the help of this, the material is guaranteed to pass a consideration by peer reviewers and will become a part of the journal which is included in one of the international scientometric databases.

 Contact our specialist on the website, and he will tell you what to start our fruitful cooperation with.  ​​​​​​​

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