Uniqueness verification (plagiarism)

Uniqueness verification (plagiarism)

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Before publishing a research in the international databases, it is verified for plagiarism which means copying someone else's information. Such verifications for articles originality in the journals included in scientometric databases such as Scopus or Web of Science (the WoS) are conducted using special software. An article should have unique content to meet the high requirements of these databases. The material with large amount of plagiarism contributes to the poor reputation of the author in his further scientific work. Over time, the consequences and punishment for plagiarism become tougher, so it is very important to verify the text for originality.


 Peer reviewers are very strict about the exceptionality of the publication and often reject it without the right of further consideration if the percentage of uniqueness is lower than required.


What can be done in this case? Scientific Publications-Publ.Science helps scientists publish their articles in the international databases such as Scopus and Web of Science (the WoS). He turns to other scientists, cites them and gives references to other people and their previous works if they have been previously published.


 Here are some tips for you to help increase the article's originality: 

  1. It is very important to know how to place citations in a research work. If to do it in the wrong way, the programme on uniqueness verification will not be able to correctly process them and will show that the text contains a large amount of plagiarism. And international databases have very high requirements for the uniqueness of the material.
  2. One should not cite too much from other sources, it is better to retell the author's text in one's own words and near specify a reference.
  3. Do not rewrite thoughts from textbooks or degree works. Printed editions are also available on the Internet, so the programme will easily find the excerpts taken from materials of other people.
  4. Delete from your work cliches, aphorisms and sayings. All this will increase the uniqueness of the text.  


If you have already been faced with the article's refusal because of plagiarism or do not want this to happen, our company is glad to help and conduct verification of the text for uniqueness competently and professionally with the help of special software. We can also offer to raise the exceptionality of the research to the desired level, having preserved the meaning and stylistics of your work. In a short time, our experienced editors will increase the uniqueness regardless of the volume of the text. After that, we guarantee that your publication will meet all the necessary standards of Scopus and / or the WoS Scientometric Databases. After all, the uniqueness of the research provides it with high indexing, and thus increases the author's citation by other scientists.


Order the service of publication in Scopus or publication in Web of Science on a turnkey basis, if you need full support of your work in foreign journals and guaranteed results. We take over an article's formatting and all the nuances of the publication on these platforms. You can try to revise the study on your own, but it is better to turn to professionals with years of experience in this field. Because, having gone deep into the process, many details emerge, the requirements that need to be met for successful publishing a unique article in the journals of scientometric databases of the international level.


Our editors take into account all the subtleties of cooperation with the international publishing houses and guarantee the work confirmation. You can contact our specialist and order the service of verification for uniqueness (plagiarism) as well as editing and formatting service and academic translation service right now. Free up time for your scientific activity and guaranteedly get an article in Scopus or Web of Science.


Order on the website the services you are in need of for the successful publication, and we will be glad provide them.

Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company is ready to take full responsibility for article's revision, guarantee the results and save your precious time for you to be able to focus on the scientific activity. ​​​​​​​

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