Publication in the RSCI

Publication in the RSCI

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Apart from such major scientometric databases as Scopus, Web of Science (the WoS) and the Higher Attestation Commission (the HAC), there is one more large resource for search and citation of scientific materials, namely, the RSCI (the Russian Science Citation Index).


The RSCI is a bibliographic platform which was established in 2005. It contains research data, articles, educational and methodical manuals, monographs, reports from conferences, these works and patents. All materials in this database are written by authors from all over Russia, and the total number of studies exceeds 9 million. This service keeps all links to the publications of scientists.


The main aim of this scientific search system is to provide the most relevant reference and bibliographic data to the authors of articles. More recently, the RSCI has evaluated the effectiveness of the work of researchers and scientific organizations. This platform helps evaluate the level of scientific publications. With the help of this resource, one can find citation indicators which are taken into account in a scientist's rating.


The RSCI indexes the majority of periodicals that are submitted for a peer review. More than 3 800 journals and more than 22 million articles are available in this scientometric database.


What advantages does the publication in the RSCI have?

After publication, your work gets a certain rating and you get recognition among scientists. Your material is guaranteed to be evaluated by specialists in the field you work because it is one of the best databases in the CIS. If you want your scientific achievements to become known to the other people and improve your scientific performance, Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Our Company is ready to provide assistance in this and assist your publication.


More recently, the RSCI has introduced very strict requirements for the work's formatting. If they are not followed, the study will be rejected without the possibility to submit it for a peer review again in the future. For an article to successfully pass a peer review process, we provide services of the text verification for uniqueness/plagiarism as well as editing and formatting of the publication. Also, we help choose a journal and fully accompany the work up to its publication. Every research of the scientific, practical, problem or innovative character is of great importance for the development of modern science. The articles published in the RSCI journals are an invaluable contribution and help to other scientists in their work.


For many years Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company  has successfully cooperated with many international journals which are included in the world scientometric databases. If you also need to publish your article there, we are ready to help with publication in Scopus and publication in Web of Science. After all, these are the largest platforms and publications in them guarantee a professional growth, success in further research and recognition among scientists. One should submit the articles for consideration to these databases in academic English. At our company there work professional translators and native speakers who proofread and translate articles into all languages, including English, Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh and the others. Using the service of academic translation and our other proposals on the preparation of the work, your article will be 100% peer reviewed and published in these international databases.


If you have a need to share your publication with the world and reach a new professional level, order the service of article publication in the RSCI from us right now, and our team will publish your work in this scientometric database. We successfully perform tasks, achieve the desired result and guarantee the publication in the shortest possible time. Leave a request on the website, and our specialist will contact you anytime soon.


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company is always professionalism in work, attention to the clients and timely observance of terms.

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