Publication in Scopus

Publication in Scopus

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Scopus is the largest platform that tracks the amount of the articles' citation in scientific journals. This is the best tool for convenient and effective search of abstract works in different areas of research which is used by scientists from around the world. Scopus contains more than 51 000 scientific journals, more than 52 million published articles, half of which is in the status of patent as well as serial issues and works from the conferences. It's the largest resource where one can find the most extensive and full information about all the publications of scientists.


Most often, it is this database that our customers choose because it is very honorable to publish one's material in it, but it is difficult at the same time. To get a desired result, you will have to spend a lot of time and financial resources. You definitely need support of the professionals in the field of scientific publications. More than 60% of the customers with whom we have successfully worked already have publications in the journals included in the Scopus Database for a number of reasons:


  • More loyal and flexible attitude to peer review that can not be said about other scientometric databases. The submitted materials are proofread in detail. Yes, peer reviewers often refuse in publishing, but they give recommendations regarding what should be worked at for the successful implementation of research in the future.
  • Publishing houses are located almost anywhere in the world and work with a wide range of humanities and technical sciences.
  • Scopus contains detailed information about those who are published in it, always monitors the citation ratings of scientists from the CIS and displays the a researcher's rating keeping links to his work.


If you have research works and a desire to publish them, then you will definitely be faced with such tasks as editing and formatting of the material, academic translation into other language and communication with publishing houses that is always a long and difficult process. You can charge it to us.


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Our Company offers such services as publication in Scopus on a turnkey basis and takes full responsibility for all the above actions. This guarantees an author the publication in the largest scientific database and full immersion in the quiet study of his work. We also provide a service on text verification for uniqueness / plagiarism. This will protect a scientist from plagiarism, and his material will not be rejected as peer reviewers are very strict about the originality of the text. In addition to these services, we offer indexing and citation services. Your article will always be visible to other scientists, and this way it will be quoted more often that will increase your scientific rating. As a bonus, we offer for free to make a list of possible periodicals for your publication.


The most important requirement for the people of science is the journal's indexing in Scopus. Then the Higher Attestation Commission (the HAC) will be able to count the publication. To determine the periodical's success one should know an indicator that will show the journal's level. In this case, Scopus uses the SJR indicator.

Publication in Scopus is:


  1. Great start for those who want to publish their first articles in the world-class journal;
  2. Chance to receive grants;
  3. Guarantee of successful defence of research work;
  4. Obtaining an academic rank in the CIS and abroad;


An article in Scopus is the goal of many specialists in different scientific fields of activity. It is important for every scientist that his work and conducted research be seen by the others.  Publishing one's work is significant in our time for an author and for the organization where he works. In addition to publication in Scopus, our company provides services on publication in the WoS, publication in the HAC and publication in the RSCI.


Order the service on article's publication in Scopus and we will help you avoid all difficulties in its preparation. Our team of professional editors will prepare a study for publication in the largest scientometric database, according to all its high requirements. Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company knows all the nuances that can arise when submitting an article for publishing. Long-term cooperation with the journals included in Scopus Database gives us confidence that the work will pass a peer review.


For drawing up an application, write to our specialist, and he will tell you about all the details of our cooperation.


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