Publication in the HAC

Publication in the HAC

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Today, all scientists of the world need to publish their research works for professional development and career growth. Many authors prefer to publish their materials in foreign journals included in such scientometric databases as Web of Science or Scopus, but the authors from the CIS often choose periodicals that are a part of the Higher Attestation Commission (the HAC) at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The main task of this scientific platform is to create conditions for the publication of scientific research and state attestation.


 When defending a PhD thesis, an obligatory requirement is an article in the peer-reviewed periodicals of the HAC. The reason for this is the necessary exchange of scientific discoveries among scientists. An important criterion is the work should not repeat someone's materials and publications. This way, a scientist makes a claim about himself and his professional success in the scientific field.


 A modern researcher needs at least 3 publications in the HAC, if he pretends to at least a PhD degree. And sometimes even more than 15 research works, if he wants to go further up the career ladder and make progress in his profession. The study will be published only after careful examination and evaluation. A peer reviewer of your work will be a leading scientist of the country in the field where you work. Positive factors for successful consideration will be: 

  • proper formatting of work;
  • Rationale of topic and relevance to its content;
  • uniqueness and novelty of research.


And this is only a small number of criteria by which the Higher Attestation Commission selects the works. It is very important to comply with all strict rules regarding the  publication's formatting, otherwise it will be rejected without further opportunity to submit it again for consideration.


 For the long period of our activity in the field of scientific publications, Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company has accumulated in its arsenal a lot of journals-partners which are on the HAC lists. We help publish research works in authoritative scientific journals of the CIS, which are included in the list of this database. We have all conditions and necessary experience to help in creating unique content. Even if you have no work, we can write it in a short time or modify an existing one.


How else we can help you:

  • our editors, each of whom is a professional in his field, work with any discipline and help publish research articles on economy, mathematics, biology, law and other sciences;
  • we offer the opportunity to publish many articles at once. To prepare a whole edition of a customer's materials;
  • having ordered from us an article in the HAC, you will save a good deal of time. We understand all the subtleties of a peer review process among a huge number of publications;  
  • we will find the best journal where you can publish your work. We take into account the field of research and make a text verification for uniqueness/plagiarism
  • our specialists provide the service of academic translation and can translate anarticle into any language, including Russian, English, Ukrainian, Kazakh and other ones. It will simplify your work to a great extent.


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company will help solve any matters that arise when publishing a research in the HAC. We offer a full range of services so that you could concentrate on your work to the greatest extent. Also, if you need to publish your research work in the largest international databases, you can order publication in Scopus and  publication in the WoS that will greatly expand your opportunities in the scientific activity.


 Order the service of article's publication in the HAC, and we will take over all the difficulties of the publication process so that the whole world should see the result of your research. After all, successful publications of our customers is the main task of Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company!

 Contact our specialist who will tell you what to start our cooperation with and tell you about all the next actions.

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