Publication in Web of Science (WoS)

Publication in Web of Science (WoS)

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Web of Science is the largest search system that combines large abstract databases. It is a global resource on the analysis and citation of scientific materials. It indexes more than 33 000 journals, more than 120 000 conference materials in different fields of science. Since 2016, Web of Science (the WoS) Platform has come under the control of "Clarivate Analytics" Huge Media Company. The system has great opportunities to search for publications, analysis and management of bibliographic information.


Web of Science considers promising works that contain original scientific research and its results. It is guided by the WoS data that most issues and tasks on evaluating the effectiveness of publications are solved. This scientometric database prevails over other databases in its volume, depth of archive, citation and seriousness regarding the selection of publications. 


The resource contains all the important bibliographic data where it is possible to easily find who, when and where cited the author and his work. Web of Science is the best base for retrospective tasks and analytical review of publications in terms of research interests. Here you will find a complete and quick selection of necessary information and bibliography for your research work.    


The WoS indexes the world literature and is the standard which is oriented at. The given database is always a progressive trend in research with many years of experience and history. The publications in the journals included in this database provide constant access to the reliable tool that guarantees the receipt of significant and important information that will help study, develop and open your idea to the world.


Every scientist who needs a guarantee of high citation or qualification improvement is faced with the need to publish in this scientometric database. The WoS indexes mainly research in exact, social and natural sciences.


If you want to meet the gold standards in the field of science and have publications in the journals included in this database, Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Our Company offers to order the service of publication in Web of Science on a turnkey basis and takes over all the difficulties that can arise in the material's preparation. We guarantee the publication of your work in the journals of this resource.


An article in Web of Science is always a strict procedure of evaluating a scientist's work. It is preceded by a multi-stage work on the preparation of the publication, which entails a large number of complex actions, a lot of time and financial investments. It happens that some studies do not pass a peer review, and they are rejected for the following reasons:

  • incomplete determination of periodicals;
  • incorrect work formatting according to the requirements of the journal;
  • low uniqueness of the article;
  • inaccurate translation of the article;
  • no business correspondence skills with English-speaking peer reviewers.


To avoid an article's rejection, our company can finalize the material and resolve issues on editing and formatting as well as provide an academic translation service.


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company carries out the negotiations with publishing houses. We offer text verification for uniqueness / plagiarism with the help of special software. Plagiarism in the article is unacceptable, such work is immediately rejected without the possibility of further consideration.


If you are interested in a wider database for the publication of your research, you can acquaint yourself with our service of publication in Scopus and choose a journal for publication there. Scopus indexes more than 51 000 journals from around the world in technical, natural, and social sciences and humanities.


Our company has already been working in the field of scientific publications for many years. You can be sure of the qualitative result. We will be glad to help in your plans implementation, and your article will be appreciated in the scientific community.


          To order the service of publication in Web of Science is very simple. Write to our specialist, and he will help make the first steps in the direction of our cooperation.  ​​​​​​​

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