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Work with indexing

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What is indexing and why does a scientist need it?


If to speak in generalities, indexing is the stage of assigning an index to show the specifics of the document to the fullest extent. It is used to speed up the search of the necessary text among other materials. In the scientific field this concept implies indexing of research articles in a database. Active use of the indexing system helps every researcher increase the level of citation of his publications and shows his success in the scientific field.


Before publishing one's work one should define the index (subject section) it belongsto. This systematization makes easier for every scientist finding and working with information.


Work with indexing is necessary for you if you want:

  • to increase the indexation of works;
  • to find your publication because it is not displayed in the search;
  • to find out the status of a publication or a journal;
  • to check the reliability of the journal where you think to publish your research articles; 
  • make changes in your profile, as indexing was carried out incorrectly;
  • unite your profiles because you accidentally created two ones.


An important question for every scientist will be how to increase the level of indexing?

To increase the level of indexing, it is necessary to improve the visibility and availability of your articles as well as to have publications in the journals included in scientometric databases such as Web of Science (the WoS), Scopus, the HAC and the RSCI. The presence of a profile in this database will help scientific organizations and most scientists monitor their success rate. With the help of active publications, you will increase the number of readers and the level of visibility of works that  will entail a dynamic citation of the material by your colleagues.


What steps should be taken to publish the work in the largest databases?

Company Scientific Publications-Publ.Science has been working with journals indexed by the largest scientometric databases for a long time. We can help organize and prepare your publication in Scopus publication in Web of Science (the WoS) publication in the HAC and publication in the RSCI on a turnkey basis. Our specialists conduct a full audit of the article. An obligatory condition for an article to be published in the periodicals included in these major scientometric databases is the text verification for uniqueness/plagiarism. If a work does not pass the verification for plagiarism, it will be 100% rejected without the possibility of reconsideration. If necessary, we edit and formatting a publication as well as provide a service of academic translation of articles into all languages. 


To publish a work in these abstract databases, you need to spend a lot of time on editing and negotiations with the publishing houses of the journal. We take over all the above difficulties in preparation of the study and ensure that with the help of active publications in reputable databases, you will have a much better chance that your article will be cited, and the value of the uniqueness index will grow.


Order the service of work with indexing right now, and our company will help increase the visibility and availability of your publications, for a large number of scientists to be able to see your research articles, cite them in their scientific works and increase your professional rating. Leave a request on our website, and you will be contacted by our specialist in the near future to discuss the terms of cooperation.

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