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Work with citation

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What is citation in the scientific publications?

Citation is the introduction and dissemination of a scientist's ideas in the publications of other researchers as well as the formation of a researcher's professional status with the help of mentions and references to his work. If earlier the scientist could not worry about the future of the published article, now it is important that his research was useful for others and had a high citation rating. This greatly affects the evaluation of work and helps in professional and career growth. 


In the works of foreign scientific authors one can often find the material that is necessary for scientists from the CIS, especially in technical, exact and natural sciences. Bibliographic references to the articles of colleagues help a scientist in writing and revising his materials. He takes a fragment from the text, formulas and illustrations and inserts it into his text with the obligatory reference to the source. If there is no reference, such actions are considered to be copyright infringement and a gross mistake in the articles.


The most common reasons for low level of citation:

  1. No access to publications;
  2. Low information level of the article;
  3. Problems with translation. 


How to increase the citation of the publication?

To increase the citation rate of a scientist's work, articles should raise important issues and highlight innovative ideas. It is better to publish them in periodicals with a large circulation and a high level of readability. They should be translated into English or other languages to be accessible to a large number of authors. The best choice is to publish an article in journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science. Because of their great bibliographic capabilities, many other scientists will be able to read the work and cite it in their materials, thus, increasing its rating.


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science helps scientists publish their articles in the international databases such as Scopus and Web of Science (the WoS). Long-term experience and a very large number of successfully peer-reviewed works of our authors by Scopus and the WoS peer reviewers make us leaders in the field of scientific publications.  


Also, we offer the service of publication in Scopus and publication in the WoS, publication in the HAC and publication in the RSCI on a turnkey basis. Our experts help to properly format the work, audit an the article, if necessary, we edit the publication, do academic translation and verify the text for uniqueness / plagiarism. Our specialists are professionally engaged in the increase of the Hirsch Index of a scientist, scientific journal, organization or University. All services are aimed at your article be successfully peer reviewed in these largest databases and become an active source of citation for other scientists, thus, it will increase your rating in the scientific activity.


Order the service of work with citation, and we will guaranteedly increase the citation level of your publication. Contact our specialist, and he will consult you on any questions and help order the necessary service to start our fruitful cooperation.

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