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A modern scientist who writes works and is engaged in scientific research is faced with the need for their publication in the international journals included in such scientometric databases as Scopus, Web of Science (the WoS), HAC or RSCI. On the one hand, this opportunity helps reach a more professional level, but on the other hand - there can be difficulties in the project's implementation. 


An article should be correctly proofread and edited before submission to the periodical. After all, when a scientist writes an article, he is so absorbed in the research that sometimes he can not notice some nuances and mistakes.


 Factors which show that the work will be peer-reviewed:


• Abstract and keywords are written;

• Publication is formatted in accordance with the journal's requirements;

• Article is clear and useful, it evokes interest and carries an important message.

• Clarity and accuracy of information; The structure is built logically and meets all the requirements of the scientometric databases.

• Sequential building-up of small sentences in the article;

• An article is translated into academic English;

• No stylistic and spelling mistakes, jargon, shortenings, conjunctions, slang or dialects;

• A list of references is formatted according to the formatting style of the APA 6th edition.


But if you feel that there are weak points in the work, it is better to give it to editing. Peer reviewers in the international databases are very demanding to formatting and content of the authors' works. That is why it is important for a scientist that his article is correctly written and formatted according the standards of the IMRAD (introduction, methods, results and discussion), otherwise the work will be rejected, and you will lose precious time in your research career.


Scientific research is always a complex structure, a unique topic and terminology that require a competent view and proofreading of a professional in this scientific field. To achieve a high level of editing, our company cooperates with experts in their scientific fields who have extensive experience in editing and adaptation of materials and take into account all the standards of the international periodicals. Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company has successfully led its clients to the publications in the journals of worldwide repute for a long time.


If the article needs to be revised, but you have no time for this or for some other reason you can not do it, order the service of editing and formatting from us. The price for the publication's editing will be much lower than for writing and full formatting of research work from scratch. We will guaranteedly help prepare the article for publishing in the journals of international databases, taking into account all high standards of these databases.


Our specialists are ready to take over all the subtleties and complexities of editing and ensure the approval of your material by foreign editing houses. Also, Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company provides academic translation services into all languages as well as text verification for uniqueness/plagiarism that will help improve a research work.


In addition to individual services, we work with services in a complex — publication in Scopus, publication in the WoS, publication in the HAC, publication in the RSCI which include all stages of formatting, editing and publication of the article. Our team of professionals guarantees a successful publication in the journals of Scopus, Web of Science and other world-famous abstract databases.


Order the service of publication's editing and formatting by contacting our manager on the website. If you have questions, leave a request for the service of article's audit. We will conduct a comprehensive verification of the work and tell you whether the help of our editors will be needed. ​​​​​​​

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