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In the scientific activity, a researcher has to study a lot of information and be faced with different tasks. This process can be facilitated if you take a colleague in co-authorship and distribute the workload. Such joint activity is convenient and will guaranteedly give a good result for the study. Working together, you can create a research work which will definitely become a valuable contribution to the scientific field.


Publication in co-authorship is the work on an article by two or more scientists. Authors who have already had success in the scientific field can take part in the joint research. It is by this criterion that researchers are selected for joint work. They sign a written agreement where are specified all the details of cooperation. Also, there is scientific ethics which regulates the relations and value of contributions to science. At first, there is always written the name of the scientist who made the largest number of discoveries, after him there is the name of the scientist who made more discoveries, and after him there is the rest of scientists in accordance with their achievements.


 If you still think about collaboration, here are a couple of reasons that might persuade you to publish a work in co-authorship: 

  1. You have already decided in which of the scientometric databases Scopus or Web of Science (the WoS) you will be published, but you can not afford great expenses because it is a world-class platform and publishing your article will require a lot of time and money.
  2. To complete the study, you need to go to the other country. But it will be difficult to complete it without help and support there.
  3. You have no your own material, but you need experience and you want to work at the publication of another author, helping him. 


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Our Company takes into account all the above requests. We help find co-authors for scientists who only want to be published or already have articles in the WoS or Scopus. Agree that this is a good solution to cooperate with one or more researchers when there is little time to write a work or there is no necessary amount for  publication services on a turnkey basis.


Our company is ready help you with this and guarantee a successful result as we understand that nowadays the joint work on projects became popular among the people of science. We are getting more and more applications for search of co-authors for articles publication in Scopus or the WoS. And we successfully find scientists for cooperation.


Besides, we offer complex services: publication in Web of Science, publication in Scopus, publication in the HAC and publication in the RSCI. You and your co-author should not worry about all the subtleties of formatting and publication of the work. Our specialists will make sure that the article will be 100% published in the databases you will choose. We also provide separate services: editing and formatting, text verification for uniqueness / plagiarism and professional academic translation into all languages. 


Our long-term experience and professionalism in the field of scientific publications guarantee successful cooperation with all our authors. To order the service of co-authorship on our website is very simple. Address our specialist for help, and he will help take the first steps in solving an arose question. 


​​​​​​​The daily labour of scientists around the world is an invaluable contribution to science. And databases enable this labour to be recognized as well as they help other scientists read materials, search for necessary information and make progress in their activities.

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