The first scientometrics journal in Ukraine

On October 1, the second issue of the first independent scientometrics journal in Ukraine, Science and Metrics, was released, which aims to increase awareness and information enrichment of the Ukrainian scientific community in the field of scientometrics.

The importance of abstract in a scientific article

Abstract is a short version of the article, it's very brief description.

With its help, one can understand what the topic of the scientific paper, its importance and decide whether to read through the entire research.

It allows to find the necessary information in search systems, characterizes the main topic, objectives, raises the problematics of the research and reveals the results.

The abstract should be written in such a way that after reading, the reader will understand that it will help him solve issues in the context of his research.



What is the research and consulting company working on when reviewing an article?

Reviewing takes quite a long time, and many of our customers are interested in what the research and consulting company is doing during this process.

Самоцитирование в исследованиях. Какой его допустимый порог?

Ранее в блоге мы рассказывали об уникальности научной работы, и как важно соблюдать допустимый процент оригинальности. В  этом материале мы продолжим тему и поговорим об использовании самоцитирования в исследовательских работах, какой его допустимый порог, считается ли самоплагиатом упоминания на свои предыдущие работы, и выходит ли это за рамки научной этики? 

How can a consulting company help a scientist?

 Today, due to innovations in the scientometric field, a scientist is in a difficult situation that requires consultations and proper support for the thorough analysis and understanding of all new requirements for research papers.

How does publication planning affect scientist performance?

What is one of the key success factors of great scientists? They know how to value time, and they have a strategy for action in their life! Such people manage to be productive using a planning tool for personal effectiveness.



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