• Does Publ.Science officially provide services?

    Yes, we work within the legal framework. A contract is concluded with all clients, all conditions are written in it. We also provide certificates of completion and invoice, if necessary.

  • How can I pay for services?

    We accept payments from most payment systems and transfers from around the world and in different currencies. This makes it possible to reduce customer commission costs. We can also work with a partial prepayment with legal. and nat. by individuals.

  • How does a company treat privacy and copyright?

    In providing all services, we are guided by the principles of preserving the copyright of the client and respect strict confidentiality. For example, if an article was sent for evaluation, but at the request of the client, it was replaced by another one or withdrawn – access to this first article remains only with the department that conducted its assessment. And after a certain time, it is removed from the internal accounting system.

  • How quickly do we respond to requests left?

    The philosophy of our company is based on an individual approach to each client. Therefore, we try to respond to each application during the day when it was filled. Sometimes, if the application came late or on a day off, the answer to it will be given on the first following working day. Thus, the maximum response time for an application is 1 calendar day. The answer in the chat during business hours is online.

  • Is it possible to order an individual service not found on the site?

    Of course! We are happy to respond to any request and try to perform a service that is not even on the site. Our experts are ready to solve any point or complex scientific problems.

  • Why do we provide some of the services for free?

    We select the list of magazines for the client as part of a comprehensive service, but do not do it for money. We also evaluate the uniqueness and degree of improvement of articles for free. Because we prefer to charge only for those works that require our serious intellectual participation – for its formatting, improvement, translation and publication.

  • There are kinds of sciences with which we do not work?

    80% of all publications are related to chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, economics, law, medicine, ecology, pedagogy, and the sciences derived from them. But for us, working with other species is not difficult.

  • Why is there no “urgent publication” service on our site?

    The minimum publication period for a magazine that does not take everything in a row, without reviewing, is 3 months. We have situations where the work of our clients form a whole issue or a large part of it in certain journals, and then it will take 1-2 months to finalize a number of new articles. We simply do not make any particular advantage of this, since for us any publication is urgent.

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