Scopus in Ukraine Science Club

  • Club "Scopus in Ukraine" is a scientific community created by Scientific Publications-Publ.Science the aim of which is the development of scientometrics, increase of its role and impact in the scientific field, formation of the scientific community's correct view on it and increase of number and quality of research climate in the CIS and Europe.
  • The basis of the club's work is a comprehensive consulting of scientists in the field of scientometrics as well as informing its participants about all news and changes in the scientific field: laws of ministries, regulatory acts, rules for obtaining academic ranks, specifications on grants and other important newsbreaks. The implementation of this educational policy is carried out by organizing and holding specialized scientific conferences, seminars and webinars as well as international forums for scientists around the world.
  • Members of the club are scientists, professors, PhD holders, teaching staff of universities, officials and state figures, entrepreneurs and lawyers who share a common interest in the improvement and development of the scientific community and science in general.
  • In addition, Scientific Publications-Publ.Science creates all conditions for the fruitful development of scientometrics by introduction of a system of grants, awards and subsidisation for the publication activities of club members.
Privileges of membership in Scopus in Ukraine Scientific Club:
  • Opportunity of obtaining personal consulting in the field of scientometrics;
  • Opportunity to participate in the grant programmes under the patronage of Scientific Publications-Publ.Science;
  • Invitations to special private seminars, forums, conferences as well as club meetings for top-level participants;
  • Priority service of club members by employees of Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Сompany;
  • Personalised cumulative discounts and bonuses;
  • Opportunity to learn all the news by receiving regular newsletters with current information about the state of scientometrics "to date";
  • Access to a special section in the information blog on the website of Scientific Publications-Publ.Science.
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