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Academic translation

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You decided to submit your article to an international journal, but you were refused in its publication. Why so? Most often, the reason for refusal is poor quality of translation of articles into English. Accurate and informative translation significantly increases a scientist's possibility to get the publication of his article. Thus, a greater number of international colleagues will be able to acquaint themselvez with the study and use the information in their materials, after which the citation of your works will actively grow up. That is why for publishing articles in scientometric databases, the level of translation and formatting should be at the high level.


Academic translation into English is an important condition for submitting a research work to the international journals because English has already been the language of world communication for a long time. It is important that the translation be made qualitatively, and peer reviewers correctly understand all the subtleties of the study.  Otherwise, the form and content of conveying information can be distorted, and the article will be rejected without the possibility of repeated consideration. In order to avoid such a situation with your work, we advise you to start reading and translating the publications in the databases in which you want to place your research before starting the material's formatting. Such actions will help understand the specifics of English-language works and the style of texts that successfully pass a peer review process.


 But the question arises what if the level of English does not meet the requirements of the scientific vocabulary. What to do in such a situation?   


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company will be glad to help you translate your article for it  guaranteedly to be peer reviewed by foreign periodicals. Our team of specialists has been cooperating with native speakers of English and other languages for a long time. Because an ordinary translator will not be able to cope hundred-per-cent with all the nuances and specifics of the text. We carry out both technical and semantic translation that international colleagues be able to evaluate the research as well. 


The process of an article's translation takes place in two stages:

  1. The translation is done by a professional in your field.
  2. A native speaker proofreads the text.


Such a double stage of the publication's translation helps make the work of the highest quality. The texts begin to fully meet all the requirements and standards of journals included in Scopus and Web of Science (WoS) Databases.


The second stage is called proofreading. If you want your research to successfully pass a peer review in the journals of international level, it should be necessarily given for proofreading to the person for whom the foreign language is native. High-quality proofreading of the article can give a chance to a poor work. But there is also a reverse action-a strong article does not pass a peer review due to low-quality or inaccurate translation. Peer reviewers should not guess what is written in the work.


We advise to use our services and order the publication's translation even if you have a great command of a foreign language. The accurate translation of the text is not an indication that the work will be published in the Web of Science (WoS) or Scopus. The Russian and Ukrainian languages are filled with long sentences, phrases, different synonyms and metaphors, and all sections of science have their own unique terminology and specifics. Our professional translators know and take into account all these details.

 In addition to translation, we offer such services as editing and formatting and text verification for uniqueness / plagiarism. Also, we help to write dissertations and books in maximally short terms. And, by the way, it will cost cheaper than in the international agencies.  


Order the service of academic translation right now as well as the complex formatting the work: publication in Scopus, publication in the WoS, publication in the HAC and publication in the RSCI. This will maximally free up your time for scientific activity.


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company is ready to take over all the difficulties and guarantee the quality of the work done at proper time. Address our specialist and he will help build an algorithm of our cooperation.  ​​​​​​​

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